Jewellery Playground

Hand crafted by me! I love to make jewellery. I use semi-precious stones and minerals, and most often sterling silver findings.  I hope you enjoy the show! Please feel free to contact me if you need something made.

Victorian Pearl - oh my!

3 strand pearls - different colours and shapes, oh my!
Pearls and skulls! Classic Goth
Tigers eye and carved bone
Clay and crystals!
Chainmaille bracelet with swarovski crystal inside
This stone, you can't see well from the photo, is a grey-mother of pearl type colouring.
Two type of peals make a stunning impression - Shell and round pearls.
This is made of garnet. I love this piece! And the warmth from the stone on your skin is amazing.
Silver and pearls! What is there more to say?
It can't be all serious! This was made for a Red Hat event - the Ducky Mardi Gras!


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  2. look carefully and you’ll see that these jewelry include a mountaineering frame shape, a swing and even a fireman’s pole. Whoever wears these is definitely on top of things however doesn’t take lifestyles too seriously…pass play! substances: Sterling Silver, Gold stuffed pleasant Chain and Gold Plated Brass square Tubing, Silver Continental Ear Wires refrain from put on in water. should the gold/silver turn out to be tarnished, use a gold/silver sharpening cloth to repair the herbal shine. connexion republic

  3. Nice image of the Nacklesses and the materail used that is lovely.the shape of each nacklesses is the best.

    Starling Silver Chaines


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