Saturday, January 7, 2017

You want the truth?

Are you wondering why have I not been updating this blog? Every time I try to do it from my iPhone, the app kicks me out! Did Apple and Blogger have a fight? It is very frustrating!

So, here I am at my computer. I rarely sit here these days. Its cumbersome and limiting. All my card pictures are taken on my phone and so I have to upload them here. Also, the amount of time it takes to upload from a computer to the blog, versus using the iPhone is substantially different. But enough. My apologies and reasons. I hope that you still enjoy my work and continue to drop by.

In November, I was a guest blogger with "Inspired by all the little things" ( Thanks to Karen Day for the invitation.

I was provided with this picture as my inspiration:

And this was my result:

I like the non-traditional colours for a Christmas card. Do you? I know that season has passed and it's on to Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thank you and more!

Happy 2017 Everyone!