Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas to all....

I hope your holidays are going well and everyone has good health.

I know for myself, some of my good intentions struggled with the clock and calendar. That, coupled with my new pup Bandit- who requires a bit of attention, sometimes left me challenged! I managed to get my cards in the mail, but as late as the 24th of December! Not a lot of time for it to get to its destination! 

This leads me to my New Years resolution! Planning, planning, planning! 
A couple years ago it was about organization. But now, as time seems to speed by, I will focus on planning. And you? What have you decided will be your New Years resolution? 

Enough about that. I sent out three different batches of cards. Finally when I ran out of stock I had to make up some more. Guess what? If you were the recipient of one of these cards, hubby did all the alcohol ink backgrounds! Have a look: 

He did a great job! Thank you! 

Have a great holiday and I wish you a Happy New Year!