Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baa baa black sheep

Hello! Another post and another stamp company!

Today I am featuring a card made using Local Rubber King stamps. 

At my real job, we are saying goodbye to a coworker headed to retirement. I couldn't find lemmings so I opted for sheep - you know, goodbye from the herd!

Aren't they cute? We all seem to have a story of why the black sheep- make up your own!

And the inside:

 I love this poem. I used it for for my Aunts 80th birthday as well. I hope to live it, as much as I can skid broadside !


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Stamping Bella or tax returns?

Which one do you think I chose? 

I promised myself that I would get the tax returns done this weekend. That requires a particular mind set, and a crafting mind set is not it! Or is it?

Meet Tallulah! I love her! She is from a new from Stamping Bella. She could be a birthday card, a miss you card, a welcome home card or thank you! I haven't added a greeting yet so she is just plain fun! 

Oh, oh. Back to taxes ........Happy Easter!