Monday, August 26, 2013

Whimsey Monday!

I am getting behind on my posts! I hope that you are enjoying my new cards. I have decided that I will be including the brand of stamp in my title to help with some future search features! Isn't technology great?

I made this card for an upcoming bridal shower. I don't think the bride follows my posts, but just in case you do, no peeking! 

I used some Minds Eye paper, whimsey stamps ( for the tags too) and added some 3-d flowers and a cottage cut butterfly. This was colored with pencils. 
Here is a closer look

You can't notice the subtle glitter from an  American craft glitter pen, but it's there! (me without glitter? what were you thinking?)
And a peek at the flowers:

Thanks and I hope to hear some feedback!


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