Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Already?

Where does the time go?
Well, let's see: work has been out of this world crazy; went to florida; moved my mom; kids birthdays; yep,
check list complete! That's it!

During all of this I did manage to make a couple of cards. I am making an effort to unwrap all thoses stamps I have bought and use them one at a time. So you will see moods. First  a Whimpsey stamp card. Have a look:

I used Stampin Up paper as I do for all my projects, and my copics to create this "love bird" card.
A little "made with love" embellishment to finish it off.

 As you can see, I started off with another paper to the side, and realized I needed to fit this landscape instead of portrait. So, I finally used another paper to make it all work out. Below are the copic colours I used.

Thanks for stopping by, and get colouring!

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  1. Hi Myra,
    Cute, sweet and adorable card. I read that you use SU white for all your cards? Have you noticed that your copic nibs are discoloring or losing their color? I was told to never use copics on SU white as it doesn't allow the colors to blend properly because it is coated? Great card!


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