Saturday, February 5, 2011

I caught the Love Bug!

 I caught the Love Bug! And who is that with it? Tilda no less! I thought I would never buy this stamp, but was inspired when I saw this design of the Lady Bug. I thought I know who would sit quit nicely on there! And what do you think? Then, because Tilda is only glued on one side of the Lady Bug's wings, you can open her up and see the message inside!
"Sending all my Love" you! It is a rub-on on the black paper.

 And because you have asked, these are the colours I used. I decided along with you, that this is a good thing to do - especially when someone asks you to recreate a card you made yourself!

Thanks for stopping by. If you like jewellery, keep reading!


If my love for stamping and scrapping isn't enough, I had to add making jewellery to the list! As you may have seen in some of my other posts, I like stringing and I love shopping! But the shopping part works for all my crafting! So, I will just share a few of my latest creations.
One of our children in our blended family is engaged to be married this summer. I was inspired to make a little something for the lovely bride and hope that she wears it on her wedding day. This is a lovely fresh water pearl necklace and earring set, with just enough bling to make it special

 Then, I loved it so much, I made one for me! Not the same, of course! Mine is also freshwater pearls, but with hues of lilac, pink and grey. The earrings are also different - different bling! This set has less of that fresh innocent look, but is just as beautiful!

Hope you like them!