Sunday, February 6, 2011

Re-new Re-use Re-cycle!

It is the trends these days to look at our garbage and see if there are other ways to use it. Now, don't get me wrong - Maggies/Tilda is no way garbage! What I am trying to say is that I love it when I see someone use a stamp in a way not thought of before, or by adding elements to the stamp that takes a basic stamp and makes if Fab! I fondly remember tipsy Tilda! Thanks to the Ladies at the Magnolia-Lious group who are constantly pushing their crafting for more Tilda fun! 

So here is my effort at reusing a stamp. Now I have read many web sites; and the jury seems to be out as to who is really hiding in these bandage - Is it Tilda or Edwin? Either way, a friend of mine recently called me to say how silly he felt as he had fallen down the stairs. I reminded him he had a birthday coming up, and it is just likely he is getting old. I do not mean to insult anyone who has mobility issues, but with this friend I joke how he enjoys his evening cocktail. So this is the birthday card I made him. I hope you like how I cleverly used a Halloween stamp for a get well/birthday card!

Inside the card - "Another Birthday"


  1. Very cute idea for a very cute card.
    Sue S.

  2. Oh yes Myra, I do love this.. very imaginative.. Your brain is working in overtime.. Great job and if he had the humor you say he does he will really love it and probably fall down the stairs again... I know I love it... never got it cause I though it was only for Valentine's day but again you prove me wrong.. A great job on your coloring, pp use and your idea...
    Hugs, Jean

  3. LOL - sooooooooo cute! I love this stamp! It reminds me of when I was teaching and on Halloween, I grouped the kids, armed them with rolls and rolls of toilet paper, set the timer, and challenged each group to wrap one of their members "mummy style" in the TP. It was hilarious!

    I love your RRR card! I think it's Edwin under the bandages. He got a little banged up trying to get out of my birdcage! LOL

    Adorable card, my friend!


  4. LOL! I love it Myra! Very creative and cute too!
    hugs, Sharon

  5. The diagnosis is a funny birthday card - must be for someone as old as I am!!!

  6. a fabulous new way to use this image! great idea. Great card! hugs xxoo

  7. rotfloma I'm laughing so hard! I love it.

  8. very creative..great card..Dee:}

  9. LOVE IT!!! Incredibly imaginative! I'm sure your friend will get a great kick out of it!

  10. so cute and creative Myra! You really created just to fit the guy!
    Pam Going Postal

  11. Myra, it's so cute. Fun to see this Edwin in the same scheme tone. Thanks for sharing :o)

  12. Ahahaha! I love to see someone use a stamp for something other than it's original intended purpose. Good card! Loves it!

  13. I LOVE your "up" cycled card. I'm all about that but you'd probably wouldn't guess that from the layers upon layers of papers used on my cards. lol
    You've done a fantastic job!


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