Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary!

Not to me, but to my friend and co-worker Linda. I made this card for her and her husband to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Tilda and Edwin on the beach is the best I could do in replicating her backyard and pool! I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What have you been doing?

As you can tell by my newly added icon to the right - I have joined Team Edward. OMG! I am not your typical girlie-girl. I like mindless violent movies done by Arnie and Bruce Willis and Stallone. But I started reading twilight after the dust on it just got too thick and I thought why did I buy it? Well, I couldn't put it down - all 4 volumes! I finished these off fairly quickly (2 weeks - average 500-600 pages per book) although I know of others who were faster. I just couldn't believe how involved I got. Enough about Twilight - I still have to see the movies......

I signed up for a few more spots in the technique swap and have about a week to get them done. In the meantime, I finished this lovely little box that I will be teaching in a class with Scrapalicious in the near future.

It is an easel card on top of a box made with 8 matchbox cubbies.
If you are interested in taking the class - sign up at Scrapalicious and I will see you there!

I used a number of Magnolia stamps - Tilda - "loves me, Love me Not"; mushrooms and the Daisy. The daisy is layered with some of the "behind" petals on the top daisy removed, and others curled and separated. A stunning effect and gives the flower a real fullness. The box is fun - I still have one final touch to add - a pulley on the drawers.

I also submitted a card in the card of the Month challenge at Scrapalicious and won! This is Ian, a Greeting Farm stamp. Here is my submission:

Enjoy for now, I will post more soon....
And the inside: