Monday, July 19, 2010

Magnolia Stamps - July Mingle

Here we are in July and I read on the list that others are getting their summer release of Magnolia stamps. With the last release, I did not recieve mine. I had to wait a month, contact Magnolia again, and they were gracious enough to send a second package. Their web site says they do not replace lost packages - I think I was lucky. Now to see if I am luckier still and get the one they send the first time!

In the meantime, I sent this card out to Tina for our July Mingle. I hope she likes it. Sometimes I get obssessed with having to use something and make it work even if it is not the greatest idea. This was one of those times. I had a colour in my head and just had to get it out before it crashed another project. Hope you like it. Now back to work for me! I have more ATC's to finish and a couple more swaps that I signed up for; before the next Mingle and recipe swap are due! Thanks for looking.

Technique Swap

Well that's it! I am finally done! I have been working like crazy, even during my lunch at work, to finish my samples for a technique swap that I couldn't be more excited about! Eve Marie Beaudion, another Stampin Up Demonstrator, took the time to collect and format a variety, and I mean a variety!, of techniques available through the internet into one document! And now, I am participating in a swap to fill up 3x4 samples in my book I am creating. This will be a great go-to resource and I look forward to receiving the other samples in the exchange.

I choose to do 5 (what was I thinking!) and I show them all together here. Some were done in more than one colour. They are : Wet paper colouring; Painted Pearl Ex; Heated Pearl Ex, Tapestry and Shaker technique. Here are my samples and comments on the techniques:

So first the Wet Paper colouring. The technique called for a mulit-colour ink pad. I used rather small stamps from the new Artist Etchings set, so really I could have just used individual ink pads, co-ordinated, to get the same effect:

The painted Pearl Ex was probably the simpilist card to do. The only problem I had here was finding Future floor wax! They just don't make it anymore. So, what I did was look around the house for anything "acrylic" and "water based". I found it! Deck sealer! How often do we crafters hit the hardware store! I would say a lot. The Aqua painter I used washed up great - and I used it again for another card I did later.

The next technique - Heated Peal Ex was fun. For this technique you spread glue all over your paper, then dab on Pearl Ex powder and heat set. My lovely craft room has quite a shimmer to it now. No matter how much I wipe the table......

The effect is quite neat. I did not expect to like it as much as I did. Since I was doing 24 samples, I did use a variety of colour so that I would not finish off any one of my pots. You have to buy them in a set, and I did not want to buy a set for just one pot.

My next sample was the tapestry technique. This was interesting, but the instructions were not clear. It talked about stamping 3 colours on your paper starting with the darkest. Now, we all know you always start with the lightest to prevent contaminating your ink pads. So I ignorned the instructions here. Then it says to versa mark a stamp on the paper. Being a bit confused, I choose a background stamp to get an even effect. And, after trying one sample- used white craft in instead. You could barely see the design and I didn't like it. I also magnified the colour by using white embossing powder as well. I just finished off the card with a focal point using our bird and branch punch. I also used the new stamp from the new hostess set to give the bird some depth.

The final technique is a shaker card. These are always fun to do. I had done this for my ATC club, but used a template. This called only to build a frame on top of the shaker box to hide the ugly foam tape.

This was a bit tough, because somehow I ended up doing this backward. As I made the shaker box on the back fo the top piece, I had to blindly align the back to the front to stick it together. Otherwise the beads would have all fallen out! A bit more planning should have gone into this one, but I am pleased with how it turned out. Thank goodness for all the gridlines on my glass mat!

I hope you enjoy my samples, and now to post a few other pieces that I have been working on....