Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last Minute post

Boy, Mothers Day creates pressure! I had a couple cards left to do, plus a few swap packages to complete before I head out to England on Tuesday! I am so excited. My Husband is taking me to his home, and we are staying with friends whom I met and love. We should have a great time. But you know what I am most excited about? You'll know I am addicted! I asked only one thing of this trip - a trip the the "Sir StampAlot" store! And we're going! I am so excited! Think - 800 different Maggie stamps that they advertise! I can only imagine.
So, my last posts before June are:

A Mothers Day card I created for my Sister. This wonderful stamp was sent to me by a lovely lady I met in the Magnolia-licious yahoo group. I know the stamp is not a Maggie - but we can't only do Maggies! (this from an addict!)

This is the card I am sending for my "May Mingle" to a person in our Yahoo group - Karen - No peeking!

I love this stamp - This is Jill. She was created by Mo Manning and is just the essence of attitude. She reminds me of a younger stubborn me. When I had my heart set on something - ain't nobody or nothing going to change it. And Jill, you say it all. I hope my Mom appreciates the humour.

I may have time to post a few more before I leave. I have a wonderful ATC to share . Keep checking back. There will always be something new to share!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mothers Day Cards

My last post for today!
I have been working like crazy to make sure that I get all my Mother Day cards made. You are thinking "all?". Yes, all. I do six: my Mom, my Aunt; my Godmother, my Sister and my two step-daughters! Phew! We are all mothers, so why not honor them? So far I have 4 of my six cards done. Have a look

These cards are for my step daughters. One family is all blondes, and the other brunettes! Both girls have large families, with four children each, so I figured the image was fitting of "one of those days".

This one if for my Aunt. She does not have children, but always has pets and looks after them like her children. I just thought it was cute and appropriate for an animal lover!

I haven't yet decided who gets this one. As you can see, I am having a lot of fun with the masking technique. I am really enjoying my Maggies and the backgounds. Oh well, two more to make along with the family dinner and laundry. So that's it for now. I hope to post more soon.

As always, thanks for looking.
Enough playing, now back to work! I have been busy! I sent off a card to a member of the yahoo group I belong to. We do this because everyone loves receiving cards! I sent one that looked similar to this (the picture was the same, just finished a bit differently)
Then, I participated in a recipe swap (I understand, sadly, that so far my cards my not have gotten there in time!) Here is what I submitted:
I think I have gone Magnolia nuts!
Hi fellow (and ladies!) bloggers! I know, it has been a while since I have added anything to my blog. April and October are very busy months in the scrappin/jewellery world. Besides my scrappin/card making I love to make jewellery as well. So, in April and October, I have many shows to attend and little time for much else.

I had the pleasure to work with Scrapalicious at Scrapfest in Kitchener. It was great! I got to see some old friends, customers, past co-workers and made some new friends! It was hard work but well worth it. Here are the ladies from the store and other volunteers:
Then, after all our hard work, we went for dinner and asked if we could play with the "birthday hat". Do you know where we went?
That's it for Scrapfest! Thanks again for inviting me to play along!. As I mentioned, this was followed by the Gem show in Toronto. This show sells semi precious stones and minerals that I use to make necklaces and earring. Mom has already put in an order, so I had to find the right stones, which I did. Thanks for visiting.