Sunday, November 28, 2010

So you have to laugh

Hi all,

Recently I was invited to the "VIP" night at our local scrapbooking store. We were offered to pariticipate in a silent auction and given a specific amount of money (probably based on purchases) to spend. I had quite a bit - $84.00 auction dollars. There was a doodle bug bag which I had my eye on, and so did many otheres. It was hard to get near the item you were watching as everyone was jostling for postion so that they could up their bid if need be. And, we were only allowed to win one prize. So I looked at the items offered and decided besides the bag, the other item I was likely to use were embossing folders by Tim Holtz. The bids on the bag kept creeping slowly so I whammied a bid of $20 dollars more that the last. I figured this would keep it steady! I was wrong. The lady really wanted it and decided to beat my bid of $65. I could have increased, but she was so determined, I let it go. I settled for my $17 on the embossing folders. And I won!

So a few days later, I am taking them out of the package. I notice a signature on the packaging but figure what the heck. Somehow, I don't finish what I am doing at that moment (can others relate?) and I end up leaving it again for a couple of days. Finally, this weekend I go back, and it dawns on me that this is a Tim Holtz original signature, on my embossing folders! And to think I was going to throw it away! Phew! My $17 bucks got me an original autograph! I decided it would need a place besides my Shelli (of Stampin Up fame) autograph, and my Cathy Allen autograph (Scrapbooking and cards today) and that I would need to catch a few other celebs that I have rubbed sholders with to create a whole new scrapbooking idea! Anyway, for your enjoyment I am posting a pic of the beginnings of my autograph collection!

You really want to laugh?

I already had these folders!

Have a great day!


  1. I had sucha good chuckle over you almost throwing out your autograph and the way the lady was sure she was gonna get the bag. TFS
    be in touch sometime for a chin wag

  2. Good for you Myra.. glad you got an origional.. and glad you didn't throw it out!! Next time you go to the store take it in all framed up and show it off!!
    Hugs, Jean

  3. This is indeed a very cool Santa!!!! I loved reading your post...heehee


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