Monday, November 29, 2010

November Mingle

Hi all,

As you may have noticed, I am a member of the Magnolia-Licious on-line group. Can you imagine a world-wide group of Maggie lovers? Yep - that 's me.
One of the things we do is that each month you can sign up for a "Mingle". What's that? It is where, we as card makers, make cards for each other, perfect strangers, and send them to a recipient on the list. It is great. You see all styles, get to participate and keep up practice in your Maggie card making style.

I have come to see that depending on the cards that I am making, I do a particular style. Stampin up does 4.25x5x5 cards, Maggies seem to be more around the 5x5 size. I guess really to accomodate the large stamp size. Have you heard - the mini's are coming! Yes, all the same as the large stamps but mini's.

Below is the card I sent for November using "Cool Santa". I like him - he's cool! Hope you enjoy...


  1. Oh My friend you have done a fab job with this cool Santa, love the large snowflake and how you gave santa a wall to lean on.TFS

  2. Santa looks very comfortable on your card, you did a very nice job.
    thanks for sharing your card with us.

    pat in Canada

  3. Oh he is indeed so "cool." ;) Your card is wonderful! TFS! hugs, Angela

  4. You want me to look at this cool Santa (who is darling by the way) when you have this sexy hunk next to him? How can anybody look at Santa when tall dark and handsome is looking at you!!!
    I know - Santa is sexy because of all the sexy inspiration you have around YOU!

  5. It's a beautiful card Myra. What a fun and beautiful Santa card. Your mingle partner is going to love that for sure :o)


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