Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last Minute post

Boy, Mothers Day creates pressure! I had a couple cards left to do, plus a few swap packages to complete before I head out to England on Tuesday! I am so excited. My Husband is taking me to his home, and we are staying with friends whom I met and love. We should have a great time. But you know what I am most excited about? You'll know I am addicted! I asked only one thing of this trip - a trip the the "Sir StampAlot" store! And we're going! I am so excited! Think - 800 different Maggie stamps that they advertise! I can only imagine.
So, my last posts before June are:

A Mothers Day card I created for my Sister. This wonderful stamp was sent to me by a lovely lady I met in the Magnolia-licious yahoo group. I know the stamp is not a Maggie - but we can't only do Maggies! (this from an addict!)

This is the card I am sending for my "May Mingle" to a person in our Yahoo group - Karen - No peeking!

I love this stamp - This is Jill. She was created by Mo Manning and is just the essence of attitude. She reminds me of a younger stubborn me. When I had my heart set on something - ain't nobody or nothing going to change it. And Jill, you say it all. I hope my Mom appreciates the humour.

I may have time to post a few more before I leave. I have a wonderful ATC to share . Keep checking back. There will always be something new to share!

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  1. These are all cute projects. Love the sweet coloring and color scheme you picked for these wonderful cards!


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