Sunday, April 4, 2010

ATC's Here I Come!

I mentioned that I would be exploring the world of ATC's. Our groups first meeting is Thursday April 8th. In preparation I completed my first ATC's! I'm in love!

ATC's are little "Artist Trading Cards" that have a final measurement of 3.5 x 2.5. They can then be used as a focal point for card making or an embellishment on your scrapbooking page. Or, if you are a collector like me, you can store them in the same kind of binder your child may have had for baseball cards. 

I used Shrinky Dink paper to create my own embellishments! You know what that means. I can't wait to create so many more. Just yesterday I was on one of my favorite Jewellery findings site looking at the packs of 8 pewter and brass charms. Since my involvement with Magnolia, more and more I find myself wanting to use 3d embellishments. Well, back to my on-line purchase. By the time I was done, the order was over $300!! Needless to say I did not hit sent. But now, with what I created from a $10-20 pack of special paper - I'm in heaven. For sure my next class in May will have you making your own! Have a peek below at the before and after of the empbellishment, and my first ATC.

The first picture is just to compare the before and after size. The image shrinks approximately 60%. The second image gives you an idea of how crazy I went making cupcakes! Aren't they just tooo cute! And finally, my finished ATC. Limited edition! Just 14 made! Can't wait to find out what the next theme will be. Enjoy!


  1. Genius!! Now I'm gonna have to go get me some shrinky dink sheets!!

    Lisa A

  2. cute! I have lots of atc's on my blog HERE watch out, they are addicting...I've been creating them since July '05! lol Have Fun!
    Pam Going Postal

  3. This is really cute, I have to try this!!


  4. I MUST TRY THIS!!! Caps lock was intentional, to show how stoked I am about this idea. I have shrinky dink film and never thought to use it to make charms. What a fabulous idea! Gina L

  5. FABULOUS!!! Now where did I put MY shrinky dink!


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