Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stampin Wisdom

I'd like to share a piece of Stamping wisdom that I recently acquired. I have been stamping and scrapping for over 10 years and I just did it for the fun. Never stopped to think about "colour rules", never had any formal art classes - just enjoyed creating and sharing.

But I felt that sometimes I didn't quite attain that professional look that I wanted. Is that you? There are tons of indepth suggestions on how to choose color (monochromatic, tri-colour etc) but simply put, it is recommended that you stick to no more than 3 main colours, and try and have these colors all show up at least twice on what you are producing. Then the real trick - how do you choose the colours? Start with your paper!

I always started with my image, coloured it as I thought it should be coloured and then tried to find something that worked. I had an idea but when I put it all together, it really didn't look great. I describe my style as a cross between Thomas Kinkaide (he does the cottages scenes with all the beautiful garden colours) and Picasso - primarily the mixed up face. See, no art class! I don't know the name of this painting but I am sure you know what I am talking about. I never put enough planning into my final product. As I said, I just wanted to create.

So there you have it! Try it yourself and see if you get a different result. Stampin Up uses the same principle in that if you were new to our product and I was recommending what to buy, I would try and get you to pick one of our 4 colour groups, choose some ink or markers from the same colour group, a neutral paper pack and maybe a designer paperpack. (of course a stamp set silly!) You would not be able to go wrong as all these colours would match beautifully. So if you are in the neighbourhood, I would be happy to show you how this works. In the meantime, start with your paper!

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