Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeling Green for Spring - Using Winter Stamps

Ok - so I am one of those gals who believes in preparing for Christmas starting January 1st! I love this idea of Christmas in July - heck, April, May and September. You get the idea. Some of my new Magnolia Stamps were winter scenes. I couldn't just let them sit there till next year. So here they are.
The winter scene is a Magnolia stamp called Winter Night, and the first card uses the Tilda Caroller as a compliment. The second card is a tent card, so the scene is actually hanging. It helps that I dabble in jewellery making as I went running looking for jump rings! The bottom card has Tilda and Edwin outside and opens up to a skating scene. I used the space on the back of the circle from the front to put on a greeting. Enjoy!


  1. Ok, seriously, I am so jealous when people can make these awesome background scenes. I am so cowardly...I have the stamps and haven't even tried to make one yet!!! Here you are with several and they are all great. Yeah, I need to get rid of some of this envy I've got going over here. Green is not my color! Gina L

  2. Oh wow what a beautiful card! Your coloring is fabulous! Absolutley gorgeous card!


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