Monday, November 29, 2010

November Mingle

Hi all,

As you may have noticed, I am a member of the Magnolia-Licious on-line group. Can you imagine a world-wide group of Maggie lovers? Yep - that 's me.
One of the things we do is that each month you can sign up for a "Mingle". What's that? It is where, we as card makers, make cards for each other, perfect strangers, and send them to a recipient on the list. It is great. You see all styles, get to participate and keep up practice in your Maggie card making style.

I have come to see that depending on the cards that I am making, I do a particular style. Stampin up does 4.25x5x5 cards, Maggies seem to be more around the 5x5 size. I guess really to accomodate the large stamp size. Have you heard - the mini's are coming! Yes, all the same as the large stamps but mini's.

Below is the card I sent for November using "Cool Santa". I like him - he's cool! Hope you enjoy...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

So you have to laugh

Hi all,

Recently I was invited to the "VIP" night at our local scrapbooking store. We were offered to pariticipate in a silent auction and given a specific amount of money (probably based on purchases) to spend. I had quite a bit - $84.00 auction dollars. There was a doodle bug bag which I had my eye on, and so did many otheres. It was hard to get near the item you were watching as everyone was jostling for postion so that they could up their bid if need be. And, we were only allowed to win one prize. So I looked at the items offered and decided besides the bag, the other item I was likely to use were embossing folders by Tim Holtz. The bids on the bag kept creeping slowly so I whammied a bid of $20 dollars more that the last. I figured this would keep it steady! I was wrong. The lady really wanted it and decided to beat my bid of $65. I could have increased, but she was so determined, I let it go. I settled for my $17 on the embossing folders. And I won!

So a few days later, I am taking them out of the package. I notice a signature on the packaging but figure what the heck. Somehow, I don't finish what I am doing at that moment (can others relate?) and I end up leaving it again for a couple of days. Finally, this weekend I go back, and it dawns on me that this is a Tim Holtz original signature, on my embossing folders! And to think I was going to throw it away! Phew! My $17 bucks got me an original autograph! I decided it would need a place besides my Shelli (of Stampin Up fame) autograph, and my Cathy Allen autograph (Scrapbooking and cards today) and that I would need to catch a few other celebs that I have rubbed sholders with to create a whole new scrapbooking idea! Anyway, for your enjoyment I am posting a pic of the beginnings of my autograph collection!

You really want to laugh?

I already had these folders!

Have a great day!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome back!

I mean me! It has been a while since I posted. I have been busy! I had the privilege of working with Scrapalicious at Scrapfest and Creativefest! It was great. How better to spend ones' weekend then in the middle of stamps and paper! It's almost like diamonds and money  - IF you are a scrapper!

I have also been participating in more SU swaps and other activities with the Magnolia group, had an open house for my Stampin Up product and for the first time, I attended the Regionals for Stampin Up. It was great. I especially enjoyed all the "WOW" presentations and look forward to bringing them back to my clients!

At my recent Open House - first I want to say thanks to all who attended; and, to announce the winner of the door prize! Tilia! You will receive the paper pack, stamp and stamp spot that was on display at my open house. I will be in touch to arrange that.

So before I add some photos of my necklace marathon (yes, I like to make jewellery too!) I just want to add that I will be having a Stamp Stack at my house on November 14th. For $25.00 you will enjoy an afternoon making 12 different cards. The theme will be Christmas. Be sure to email or phone me to reserve your spot!
And now some photos:
From a Christmas Swap

My contribution to an "old favorite" stamp swap
The one on the left is made from Tiger Eye and Bone beads The one on the right is made from Labradoritebeads These are two of nine that I made this weekend                                                                                                            

Friday, September 3, 2010

Spain meets Halloween - Tilda's!

Hi all,

I am so excited. Today I got back my swaps from the technique swap hostessed by Eve Marie Beaudoin, out of Quebec. I must say that I was very excited to see all the sample products and quickly put together the binders I had prepared with instructions for all the 208 techniques! Now, I must say, I don't have samples of all, but that's ok. I can work through a few more myself. But talk about the encyclopedia of stampin techniques! Wow.

I have also spend considerable time putting together my Magnolia stamp inventory. This took considerable time. I didn't know I had so many! And the fall collection comes out later this month! Oops! So just before I switch gears back to Stampin Up product, I will share a couple Maggies. Both used during recent "Mingles" (that's when everyone who wants to participate signs up- gets assigned one persons name to exchange cards with).
Have a look:

So next I will be bringing you some new Stampin Up samples. I have signed up for a swap where we are working with any stamp from any year (I have 24 of those to do) a Christmas swap of 20 cards; Stampin Up Regionals is coming to Hamilton Ontario later this month, and the recommended number of swaps is between 75-100 and finally I still participate in the monthly ATC swap! Wow! Gotta run - got lots to do!

thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary!

Not to me, but to my friend and co-worker Linda. I made this card for her and her husband to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Tilda and Edwin on the beach is the best I could do in replicating her backyard and pool! I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What have you been doing?

As you can tell by my newly added icon to the right - I have joined Team Edward. OMG! I am not your typical girlie-girl. I like mindless violent movies done by Arnie and Bruce Willis and Stallone. But I started reading twilight after the dust on it just got too thick and I thought why did I buy it? Well, I couldn't put it down - all 4 volumes! I finished these off fairly quickly (2 weeks - average 500-600 pages per book) although I know of others who were faster. I just couldn't believe how involved I got. Enough about Twilight - I still have to see the movies......

I signed up for a few more spots in the technique swap and have about a week to get them done. In the meantime, I finished this lovely little box that I will be teaching in a class with Scrapalicious in the near future.

It is an easel card on top of a box made with 8 matchbox cubbies.
If you are interested in taking the class - sign up at Scrapalicious and I will see you there!

I used a number of Magnolia stamps - Tilda - "loves me, Love me Not"; mushrooms and the Daisy. The daisy is layered with some of the "behind" petals on the top daisy removed, and others curled and separated. A stunning effect and gives the flower a real fullness. The box is fun - I still have one final touch to add - a pulley on the drawers.

I also submitted a card in the card of the Month challenge at Scrapalicious and won! This is Ian, a Greeting Farm stamp. Here is my submission:

Enjoy for now, I will post more soon....
And the inside:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Magnolia Stamps - July Mingle

Here we are in July and I read on the list that others are getting their summer release of Magnolia stamps. With the last release, I did not recieve mine. I had to wait a month, contact Magnolia again, and they were gracious enough to send a second package. Their web site says they do not replace lost packages - I think I was lucky. Now to see if I am luckier still and get the one they send the first time!

In the meantime, I sent this card out to Tina for our July Mingle. I hope she likes it. Sometimes I get obssessed with having to use something and make it work even if it is not the greatest idea. This was one of those times. I had a colour in my head and just had to get it out before it crashed another project. Hope you like it. Now back to work for me! I have more ATC's to finish and a couple more swaps that I signed up for; before the next Mingle and recipe swap are due! Thanks for looking.

Technique Swap

Well that's it! I am finally done! I have been working like crazy, even during my lunch at work, to finish my samples for a technique swap that I couldn't be more excited about! Eve Marie Beaudion, another Stampin Up Demonstrator, took the time to collect and format a variety, and I mean a variety!, of techniques available through the internet into one document! And now, I am participating in a swap to fill up 3x4 samples in my book I am creating. This will be a great go-to resource and I look forward to receiving the other samples in the exchange.

I choose to do 5 (what was I thinking!) and I show them all together here. Some were done in more than one colour. They are : Wet paper colouring; Painted Pearl Ex; Heated Pearl Ex, Tapestry and Shaker technique. Here are my samples and comments on the techniques:

So first the Wet Paper colouring. The technique called for a mulit-colour ink pad. I used rather small stamps from the new Artist Etchings set, so really I could have just used individual ink pads, co-ordinated, to get the same effect:

The painted Pearl Ex was probably the simpilist card to do. The only problem I had here was finding Future floor wax! They just don't make it anymore. So, what I did was look around the house for anything "acrylic" and "water based". I found it! Deck sealer! How often do we crafters hit the hardware store! I would say a lot. The Aqua painter I used washed up great - and I used it again for another card I did later.

The next technique - Heated Peal Ex was fun. For this technique you spread glue all over your paper, then dab on Pearl Ex powder and heat set. My lovely craft room has quite a shimmer to it now. No matter how much I wipe the table......

The effect is quite neat. I did not expect to like it as much as I did. Since I was doing 24 samples, I did use a variety of colour so that I would not finish off any one of my pots. You have to buy them in a set, and I did not want to buy a set for just one pot.

My next sample was the tapestry technique. This was interesting, but the instructions were not clear. It talked about stamping 3 colours on your paper starting with the darkest. Now, we all know you always start with the lightest to prevent contaminating your ink pads. So I ignorned the instructions here. Then it says to versa mark a stamp on the paper. Being a bit confused, I choose a background stamp to get an even effect. And, after trying one sample- used white craft in instead. You could barely see the design and I didn't like it. I also magnified the colour by using white embossing powder as well. I just finished off the card with a focal point using our bird and branch punch. I also used the new stamp from the new hostess set to give the bird some depth.

The final technique is a shaker card. These are always fun to do. I had done this for my ATC club, but used a template. This called only to build a frame on top of the shaker box to hide the ugly foam tape.

This was a bit tough, because somehow I ended up doing this backward. As I made the shaker box on the back fo the top piece, I had to blindly align the back to the front to stick it together. Otherwise the beads would have all fallen out! A bit more planning should have gone into this one, but I am pleased with how it turned out. Thank goodness for all the gridlines on my glass mat!

I hope you enjoy my samples, and now to post a few other pieces that I have been working on....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How I will spend my summer vacation.........

Stamping of course! I am enjoying a week off to do as I please. No spouse (he's working), kids grown and nothing but the dog to follow me. I have swaps I have signed up for and some cards to do and a whole new Stampin Up catalogue to explore!

I am still working on the magnolia bracelet. I have not given up hope yet. So far I have tried glossy accents and hair spray to seal the charms - but both make the copic ink run. I will keep trying and keep you updated.

Now, on to new stuff!

Here is Edwin, a Magnolia stamp, getting ready to travel to my June Mingle buddy in the US.

This is one of the new stamps from the Stampin Up catalogue. The picture is taken from an angle because I used glossy paper and marker to colour this. My head on photography really caught a glare.The paper is from a new designer pack as well. The colours used are Pear Pizazz and Early Expresso plus Kraft or Crumb Cake as it is now known. This one is for an "In Colour" swap that I am participating in. After my first order in July, I will be working on my second contribution using Poppy Parade as the focal colour.

My next project is to complete the swaps I need to do for a technique swap. One of the demonstrators compiled a collection of techniques into a word document, leaving a space for a sample. Now, a bunch of Demonstrators are making samples for the word document to complete the book. I will be sure to use these techniques in up coming classes. I can't wait to share!

Stay tuned! More should be posted soon! Have a great summer.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome June!

I know that it has been over a month since I have posted - but don't kid yourself, I have not stopped stampin! I returned from a trip to England and was quickly reimersed into my world. I had swaps to finish, techniques to try and classes to prepare! For Stampin Up, the new catalogue was released to demonstrators and a few of my evenings were spent pouring over the new colour collections and product in the catalogue. Then, the wedding collection is released for Magnolia stamps! Shopping to do!  I am waiting for the new magazine to hit my mailbox and whoa! Where does the time go? If you have your magazine already, you may have noticed the bracelet made with magnolia stamps and shrinky dinks. Back when I started my ATC's, I used shrinky dinks for a charm and swore that I would be making more. Well, guess what? Yes, I made a bracelet for myself. I still have to perfect how not to disturb the ink and make it water proof - but that will come with the next one. Enjoy my latest maggie projects. The next posting will be from the new Stampin Up catalogue. As always, thank you for looking!


 Just some little gift bags I made. I thought blowing kisses (my intepretation)  is the best way to give a gift from the heart.The paper is Stampin Up and the white is Neena. I used Copics to colour her in, added a little fairy dust (glitter) and voila!

And finally, a little Mo Manning stamp to celebrate the birthday of  my 3 year old grandson. The paper is Stampin Up and I used Copics to colour it in.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last Minute post

Boy, Mothers Day creates pressure! I had a couple cards left to do, plus a few swap packages to complete before I head out to England on Tuesday! I am so excited. My Husband is taking me to his home, and we are staying with friends whom I met and love. We should have a great time. But you know what I am most excited about? You'll know I am addicted! I asked only one thing of this trip - a trip the the "Sir StampAlot" store! And we're going! I am so excited! Think - 800 different Maggie stamps that they advertise! I can only imagine.
So, my last posts before June are:

A Mothers Day card I created for my Sister. This wonderful stamp was sent to me by a lovely lady I met in the Magnolia-licious yahoo group. I know the stamp is not a Maggie - but we can't only do Maggies! (this from an addict!)

This is the card I am sending for my "May Mingle" to a person in our Yahoo group - Karen - No peeking!

I love this stamp - This is Jill. She was created by Mo Manning and is just the essence of attitude. She reminds me of a younger stubborn me. When I had my heart set on something - ain't nobody or nothing going to change it. And Jill, you say it all. I hope my Mom appreciates the humour.

I may have time to post a few more before I leave. I have a wonderful ATC to share . Keep checking back. There will always be something new to share!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mothers Day Cards

My last post for today!
I have been working like crazy to make sure that I get all my Mother Day cards made. You are thinking "all?". Yes, all. I do six: my Mom, my Aunt; my Godmother, my Sister and my two step-daughters! Phew! We are all mothers, so why not honor them? So far I have 4 of my six cards done. Have a look

These cards are for my step daughters. One family is all blondes, and the other brunettes! Both girls have large families, with four children each, so I figured the image was fitting of "one of those days".

This one if for my Aunt. She does not have children, but always has pets and looks after them like her children. I just thought it was cute and appropriate for an animal lover!

I haven't yet decided who gets this one. As you can see, I am having a lot of fun with the masking technique. I am really enjoying my Maggies and the backgounds. Oh well, two more to make along with the family dinner and laundry. So that's it for now. I hope to post more soon.

As always, thanks for looking.
Enough playing, now back to work! I have been busy! I sent off a card to a member of the yahoo group I belong to. We do this because everyone loves receiving cards! I sent one that looked similar to this (the picture was the same, just finished a bit differently)
Then, I participated in a recipe swap (I understand, sadly, that so far my cards my not have gotten there in time!) Here is what I submitted:
I think I have gone Magnolia nuts!
Hi fellow (and ladies!) bloggers! I know, it has been a while since I have added anything to my blog. April and October are very busy months in the scrappin/jewellery world. Besides my scrappin/card making I love to make jewellery as well. So, in April and October, I have many shows to attend and little time for much else.

I had the pleasure to work with Scrapalicious at Scrapfest in Kitchener. It was great! I got to see some old friends, customers, past co-workers and made some new friends! It was hard work but well worth it. Here are the ladies from the store and other volunteers:
Then, after all our hard work, we went for dinner and asked if we could play with the "birthday hat". Do you know where we went?
That's it for Scrapfest! Thanks again for inviting me to play along!. As I mentioned, this was followed by the Gem show in Toronto. This show sells semi precious stones and minerals that I use to make necklaces and earring. Mom has already put in an order, so I had to find the right stones, which I did. Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tilda - What a Party Girl!


I've been busy! Look what I did! Two special ladies in my family are the lucky recipients of these cards. Both girls have April birthdays and I thought they would enjoy a little "Tilda" for their special day. I have really started to enjoy doing a little something inside the card as well. It adds to the challenge. Both these cards were created using the same paper (Stampin Up), just a different Tilda and accents. If you haven't heard, Stampin Up in doing a colour renovation! I am sure going to miss some of the colours but I am really looking forward to a fresh new line of colours and products for my stamping art!

Here's another card that I made back in February, but did not post. Before we hit summer, I thought I should show it off. 

By the way, the ATC exchange was great! I really enjoyed seeing all the "cupcake" themed ATC's in one place. Our next meeting is themed "Ode to Tim" as in Tim Holtz. Can't wait to see what that turns out like! I will post the group shot next time!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

ATC's Here I Come!

I mentioned that I would be exploring the world of ATC's. Our groups first meeting is Thursday April 8th. In preparation I completed my first ATC's! I'm in love!

ATC's are little "Artist Trading Cards" that have a final measurement of 3.5 x 2.5. They can then be used as a focal point for card making or an embellishment on your scrapbooking page. Or, if you are a collector like me, you can store them in the same kind of binder your child may have had for baseball cards. 

I used Shrinky Dink paper to create my own embellishments! You know what that means. I can't wait to create so many more. Just yesterday I was on one of my favorite Jewellery findings site looking at the packs of 8 pewter and brass charms. Since my involvement with Magnolia, more and more I find myself wanting to use 3d embellishments. Well, back to my on-line purchase. By the time I was done, the order was over $300!! Needless to say I did not hit sent. But now, with what I created from a $10-20 pack of special paper - I'm in heaven. For sure my next class in May will have you making your own! Have a peek below at the before and after of the empbellishment, and my first ATC.

The first picture is just to compare the before and after size. The image shrinks approximately 60%. The second image gives you an idea of how crazy I went making cupcakes! Aren't they just tooo cute! And finally, my finished ATC. Limited edition! Just 14 made! Can't wait to find out what the next theme will be. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stampin Wisdom

I'd like to share a piece of Stamping wisdom that I recently acquired. I have been stamping and scrapping for over 10 years and I just did it for the fun. Never stopped to think about "colour rules", never had any formal art classes - just enjoyed creating and sharing.

But I felt that sometimes I didn't quite attain that professional look that I wanted. Is that you? There are tons of indepth suggestions on how to choose color (monochromatic, tri-colour etc) but simply put, it is recommended that you stick to no more than 3 main colours, and try and have these colors all show up at least twice on what you are producing. Then the real trick - how do you choose the colours? Start with your paper!

I always started with my image, coloured it as I thought it should be coloured and then tried to find something that worked. I had an idea but when I put it all together, it really didn't look great. I describe my style as a cross between Thomas Kinkaide (he does the cottages scenes with all the beautiful garden colours) and Picasso - primarily the mixed up face. See, no art class! I don't know the name of this painting but I am sure you know what I am talking about. I never put enough planning into my final product. As I said, I just wanted to create.

So there you have it! Try it yourself and see if you get a different result. Stampin Up uses the same principle in that if you were new to our product and I was recommending what to buy, I would try and get you to pick one of our 4 colour groups, choose some ink or markers from the same colour group, a neutral paper pack and maybe a designer paperpack. (of course a stamp set silly!) You would not be able to go wrong as all these colours would match beautifully. So if you are in the neighbourhood, I would be happy to show you how this works. In the meantime, start with your paper!

Stampin Class - Easter and Mothers Day Card

These are the cards that we created in my most recent Stampin Up class. The first two cards are adapted from cards I received in a card swap, the third one I designed. I hope to inspire you with my different cards using different product lines. The next mini catalogue comes out May 1st and has some great new stamp set and other new product lines to Stampin Up. Look for your catalogue in the mail later this month.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tilda celebrates my Grand-Daughter's Birthday!

Getting together with family is great - but when you have an occaison to make a card it is even better! We were celebrating birthdays this weekend, including my grand-daughter. So I decided to let Tilda join the fun. As part of an upcoming card swap - I will be including this image and paper. I just needed to see what I could do with my own kit.

Feeling Green for Spring - Using Winter Stamps

Ok - so I am one of those gals who believes in preparing for Christmas starting January 1st! I love this idea of Christmas in July - heck, April, May and September. You get the idea. Some of my new Magnolia Stamps were winter scenes. I couldn't just let them sit there till next year. So here they are.
The winter scene is a Magnolia stamp called Winter Night, and the first card uses the Tilda Caroller as a compliment. The second card is a tent card, so the scene is actually hanging. It helps that I dabble in jewellery making as I went running looking for jump rings! The bottom card has Tilda and Edwin outside and opens up to a skating scene. I used the space on the back of the circle from the front to put on a greeting. Enjoy!